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Recycle Pen Tips

Once the ink cartridge is empty, remove from the main body of the pen and dismantle all pen components, including the stainless steel nib. Clean any parts if necessary. Store the stainless steel nib in a place where you can collect up more over time, to then send back to us for recycling using our return address listed below. The main body of the pen can be placed in your compost bin to breakdown over a matter of months, allowing full completion of the product's lifecycle. 

Return address: 442 St Georges Road South, Hastings, 4130, NZ

How To Compost

Step 5

It is good to add water to your compost now and again, while mixing and turning the heap. This does two things; it maintains both moisture and heat levels which in turn keeps micro-organisms and insects happy and thriving. Just remember, add water little but often. Too much can compromise the bacterial environment which you have built up overtime.

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