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It is fast becoming a manufacturer's duty to design and create products which leave a positive footprint on our environment. At            we strive to encompass the environment and in doing so gain the trust and acknowledgement of our customers around the globe.  


It is our purpose to achieve the innovation required that celebrates the environmental positioning of products and allows our signature to stamp the current day and future sustainability of products around the globe.  


Plants remain our focus, recreating products like a simple pen which are useful in life, not lasting a lifetime. We prefer to create something special that lasts in your mind and not on the planet, just as it should be. 

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Meet the Global family 

Hemp - Sugarcane - Corn

This dynamic mix of arable content elevates a new dimension to the future of sustainability in environmental cropping.



Nature's housekeeper, Hemp is carbon neutral. Renowned to be the toughest          on the planet. 

It absorbs more carbon than is released during its life cycle – a journey to be environmentally celebrated around the globe.  


Brings power. Sugarcane is sustainable, fully biodegradable and compostable.

Soft and flexible with excellent properties, it’s a fully renewable resource that grows quickly, removing carbon from the atmosphere in the process. It’s so self-sufficient, its own biomass can be used to power its own production.

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Corn Image.jpg


A true transformer. Corn is a versatile plant that has a bio based content of 100%.

This plant is universal, abundant, and part of the extraordinary grass family – a valuable family indeed. 

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