Our materials

It is fast becoming a manufacturer's duty to design and create products which leave a positive footprint on our environment. At Storx, we strive to gain the approval of not only our customers but also the environment, on everything that we do.


While it is a duty to act environmentally responsible, it should also be the main driver and motivation in creating purposeful products, like it is for us.

Our focus is on plants not petroleum to recreate everyday products like the pen, that are useful in life but don’t last a lifetime. This is why we have done the work we have, to provide a material that is what it is and nothing more. 

Take a look at the raw materials we combine to create something special.

Fibre Bundell.png


Nature's housekeeper, Hemp is fast growing, carbon negative and the toughest plant on the planet.

Once confused with cannabis, even used to pay taxes and a by-product of extracting seed, our hemp hurd is strong, durable, carbon conscious and fully compostable, like nature intended. We simply use it while it’s here and put it back when we’re done.


Sugarcane is sustainable, fully biodegradable and home compostable. It is also a type of perennial grass.

Soft and flexible with excellent properties, it’s a fully renewable resource that grows quickly, removing carbon from the atmosphere in the process. It’s so self-sufficient, its own biomass can be used to power its own production.

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Corn Image.jpg


Corn is a versatile plant that does not let anything go to waste and like the rest of these plants has a bio-based carbon content of 100%.

A true transformer, from raw starch with a splash of water and some science, it becomes a free-flowing mouldable material. The universal plant is fast growing and abundant, grown on every continent except for Antarctica. Part of the grass family and with over 3,500 different uses, it has a lot of tricks up it's sleeve.