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At           , we have set out to design and create products that will change the world of plastics as we know it.  We’re doing this by utilising a by-product of hemp, "the stalk" and combining this with other innovative and sustainable materials to reduce our dependancy on fossil fuelled commodities. By focusing on a simple combination of naturally crafted materials, we can recreate everyday products to become compostable without toxins. Better serving our environment and values. 

"Just as it should be".

The Stalk



Fully compostable

Sleek ergonomic design

Recyclable, stainless steel nib

Everything else - plants

From plant to pen and back again


The journey begins, just as it should be. Following a plant’s natural lifecycle from seed returning to soil. Before the plant decides to reside back into the ground, we give it a second wind and use the stalks to create our pens. Once you're done with the pen, the material is able to finish its natural lifecycle by composting back into the ground ready for a new growing season. Like plants, we don’t need flash equipment to break it down. Compost will do. Just as it should be

"Our solution

 combining three simple plants. The outcome

 creating one simple pen"

Prototype 2.png

every way

Paddock to pen
and back again

Here at           , we believe in sustainable and innovative initiatives and doing our part for the environment, however big or small. We are using strictly plant based materials to recreate everyday products which can be used again and again while still having a defined end life which can give back to the environment, and not add to the problem.

Our journey starts, but does not end with a simple pen. 

Follow our products journey here...

New Updated Icons.png

Plant the seeds


Harvest the seed  and fibre to create our material

Process and manufacture our materials

Produce a compostable pen

Distributed by us, to you!

Satisfied customer, having used and responsibly disposed of our product back into the soil, where it all began



As we, Jack, Kate, Rhys grew up living on the East Coast of New Zealand, spanning Hawkes Bay right up to Tolaga Bay, we were brought up both surrounded and immersed by agriculture and horticulture. Eventually we were brought back to our roots on the Coast of New Zealand.  

An idea was sparked after our first attempt at growing hemp for the fast-growing seed and oils industry. The birds and the bees had other ideas and we were left with a paddock of "stalks". We began the journey of researching the different avenues of where hemp would take us. Our journey led us, believing in our gut intuition, to utilise what we had left from the crop and turned these stalks into something remarkable - Storx was born.  

Just as it should be.  

Meet The Team

Jack New Profile_edited.jpg

Born and bred in Hawkes Bay, it was easy for Jack to be surrounded by a rural setting. After being shipped over to boarding school in Sydney Australia to complete his high school years, Jack then headed further abroad to travel parts of South Africa for several months, before returning to New Zealand. Jack’s professional background is in sales, starting out as the youngest commercial real estate broker in the country. After an introduction from a friend to Hemp in 2018, Jack became inherently curious about hemp’s capabilities and how it could be used to replace everyday items, which were so often used and disregarded in the corporate sector. Plenty of research, trial & error, and nature’s way since then, the Storx journey began.

Kate new Profile_edited.jpg

Kate comes from a background of mixed cropping, sheep, and beef farming on the East Coast of the North Island, outside the small township of Tolaga Bay. Following boarding school far from home, Kate set off to study a BSc at the University of Canterbury, with a focus on Environmental Science having a passion for both agriculture and sustainability. Following university and some intermittent travel, Kate’s career has ranged from local government through to the private industry and consulting, and more recently moving into a regional economic development role in Hawkes Bay. Kate’s involvement with hemp stemmed from Jack’s keen interest and continuous lectures about the untapped opportunities that this miracle plant provides. 

Kate Jefferd

Operations Director

Rhys Team image_edited.jpg

Brought up on a farm in Porongahau, Hawkes Bay and later studying at Otago University. Rhys created a great foundation to develop as a young professional . Following a BASc Rhys worked in Auckland as a design communications and operations coordinator for a year before gaining 3 years of work experience as a draftsman for architectural metal works. After extensive travel through Europe and the middle east he returned home to complete a Building certification. Rhys is now well equiped to take on the creative challenges as well as hands on work at Storx and is excited to share the teams ideas with our customers through multiple media platforms.

Rhys Wynne-Lewis

Creative Director

Jack Elliott

Product Development Director



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